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Mezotne Palace

Mezotne Palace

Area:7 532 ha
% of Latvia:0,117 %
Population:1 808 (01.01.2009.)
% of Latvia:0,08%
Region after reform:Bauska region, joined with seven municipalities and Bauska town


Outstanding values

In the area of Mezotne municipal there is located one of the most elegant palaces in Latvia - Mezotne Palace (1802). There is beautiful Mezotne park around the castle, valuable subsidiary buildings and several interesting monuments.

Near Lielupe River not far from Mezotne there is Jumparvmuiza manor house with park, artificial castle ruins and picturesque dolostone cliffs, here is located also the only waterfall in Zemgale. nearby there is also Empire style Jumpravmuiza barons chapel.

There has been preserved also Berzmuiza manor house and park, Garoza park with castle ruins.


List of described monuments

The following landmarks from Mezotne municipality have been described:

No Name Category Images?
213 Mezotne palace Palaces and manor houses yes
214 Mezotne manor park Parks and gardens yes
215 Mezotne manor manager's house (the old manor house) Palaces and manor houses yes
216 Monument in Mezotne park near Lielupe Monuments yes
217 Monument to courageous Russians in Mezotne park Cemetery architecture landmarks yes
218 Mezotne manor dairy Manor centre buildings yes


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