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Coordinates: 56°26'21,9'' N 24°03'01,7'' E Google Maps
No:218        (full list of landmarks)
Category:Manor centre buildings
Address:(Bauska district), Bauska region, Mezotne municipality, in Mezotne, next to Mezotne manor manager's house
Year of construction:Middle of 19th century
Architectural style:Rundbogenstyl
Condition:Good, transformed
Conservation status:Architecture monument of state importance No. 6174 - whole manor complex with the park.


This two-floor building belongs to Mezotne manor centre building complex, together with Mezotne palace.

Constructed in middle of 19th century, later built second floor.


Mezotne palace, W.Stavehagen

Centre of Mezotne in 19th century.

Mezotne manor dairy

Mezotne manor dairy.


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