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Coordinates: 56°26'06,7'' N 24°03'20,2'' E Google Maps
No:217        (full list of landmarks)
Category:Cemetery architecture landmarks
Address:(Bauska district), Bauska region, Mezotne municipality, in Mezotne manor park behind the pools
Values:Architecture, history
Conservation status:Architecture monument of state importance No. 6174 - whole manor complex with the park.


Next to a pond in Mezotne park there is located large stone cross which is immured in low stone wall. Stone cross contains German inscription - "HIER RUHEN 7 TAPFERE RUSSEN AUG 1915" - "Here lie 7 courageous Russians - August 1915".

According to stories of former locals here seven local soldiers - Latvians from Mezotne, not Russians - were fighting in this bank of Lielupe not letting Germans to cross it. When finally Germans crossed the river, they found the fallen soldiers and laid them to rest in common grave where a cross was added late. In German army all soldiers of Russian army were considered to be Russians.

Nearby there is located a tombstone of A.Saltzmann brought here from Mezotne cemetery.


Monument of I World War in Mezotne park

Monument of I World War in Mezotne park.

Monument of I World War in Mezotne park

Monument of I World War in Mezotne park. 2007.09.20.


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