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Coordinates: 56°57'01,49'' N 24°03'25,94'' E Google Maps
No:174        (list of all monuments)
Category:Palaces and manor houses
Address:Riga, Zasulauks, Kandavas Street 2, area of Btanical garden, next to Augu māja (Plant house)
Year of construction:Late 18th c. - early 19th c.
Architectural style:Neo-Classicism
Condition:Not preserved or transformed
Conservation status:Architecture monument of state importance No. 6612


It the Botanical garden there are three manor houses close together (see Vilips Street block and Dzirciems Street house). As former owners are not well known and all buildings got one and the same address, here manors are differed after the street to which they are located closer.

Fate of the third manor house is not clear. In accordance with the 2nd source this manor house of Barocco/Neo-Classicism style has been dismantled in 1920ies. House got balcony with Ionic columns.

In spite of this there is a similar building net to Augu maja (Plant house). As a part of the reconstruction project of Wolfschmidt manor complex by Z.Gaile there is planned to reconstruct this building as a manor house - thus there is admitted that this building is historical manor house.

In Kandavas street 2 there was located centre of Zasu muiza - and we can consider that those three buildings belong to the old centre of Zasumuiza. Many times as the centre of Zasumuiza there has been considered area on the corner of Daugavgrivas and Bulu streets. This really was a part of Zasumuiza manor where in the 18th century Latvian entrepreneur steinhauers built smaller manor house.

Name of Zasumuiza comes from its former owner Zas (17th c.). In the middle of 18th century properties of Zasumuiza were purchased by Janis Steinhauers who established here several manors in 1745 - 1750. Somewhat later this became popular place for celebration of Janis festivity (Midsummer), here took place market of herbs and flowers.

At the beginning of 20th century area of present day Botanical garden belonged to manufacturer, consul of the Kingdom of Netherlands A.Wolfschmidt. At the beginning of 20th century in this manor there functioned private neural clinic of E. von Rotaste and in 1920ies - gradening of K.Erdmanis. In 1926 here started development of Botanical garden where were used also the greenhouses of former owners of manor - Wolfschmidt and Stritzky.


Third Volfsmits manorhouse

Possible third Volfsmits manorhouse. Reconstruction proposal by Z.Gaile. 2009.05.15


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