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Coordinates: 56°59'48,20'' N 24°10'56,32'' E Google Maps
(localisation not exact, possible mistake up to 100 metres)
No:65        (list of all monuments)
Category:Palaces and manor houses
Address:Riga, Ciekurkalns, between Ezermalas Street and Kisezers Lake, next to the Faculty of Transport and Machine Sicence of Riga Technical University
Versions of name:Neuhof, Bulmerinckshof
Year of construction:?
Condition:Does not exist


Manor house has not been preserved.

Merchant V.Kusinkis here established a factory of copper, steel and iron wares in 1852 - most likely it did not operate too long though.

In 1895 chief engineer of Riga Gustav Adolf Agthe obtained this manor together with neigboring Dragunmuiza manor and Heil manor - he planned to establish a district of private villas and large park here after his retirement. Agthe family owned the manor house up to the middle of 1930ies, then it became property of Riga city.


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