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Coordinates: 56°55'40,22'' N 24°05'07,76'' E Google Maps
No:157        (list of all monuments)
Address:Riga, Tornakalns, Indrika Sreet 8
Versions of name:Helmersen house
Year of construction:Before 1812., relocated in 1890
Architectural style:Neo-Classicism
Conservation status:Not protected


Helmersen house is built of wood at the beginning of 19th century, in Neo-Classicism style. History if this building is made unusual by the fact that it has been relocted from its previous location in Skolas Street 1 to its present location.

The house was dismantled and construction details - numbered. Afterwards it was shipped to its present location. The house the was granted to Lutheran congregation by the wife of banker Schwartz. At the end of 19th century here lived pastor P.Pauksens, author of several books of theological content. He served both German and Latvian congregations in nearby Tornakalns Lutheran church.

At the beginning of 20th century pastorate had high fence of planks - there was beautiful garden behind it.



Tornakalns Lutheran church pastorate

Tornakalns Lutheran church pastorate. 2009.01.29.


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