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Coordinates: 56°57'26,17'' N 24°04'19,87'' E Google Maps
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No:74        (list of all monuments)
Category:Palaces and manor houses
Address:Riga, Dzirciems, between Zunds channel and Daugavgrivas Street, northern side of Udens Street
Kad celts:18th c.
Architectural style:Barocco
Condition:Does not exist


House of Muizelis has been built by the Latvian family Muizelis at the end of 18th century. Ornate house with a group of household buildings has not been preserved.

Family of Muizelis lived in Zunds since 17th century, they were occupied with different trades. At the end of 18th century they owned nine building plots.


First known owners of the house - ferryman Ansis Muizelis and his son Albrehts. First wife Anna of Albrehts was sister of another well known Latvian entepreneur - Janis Steinhauers. Later the house belonged to his son Janis Heinrihs Muizelis, merchant of II Guild and judge of the Court of Consience. Here was born Karlis Justus Davis Muizelis, later professor in veterinary medicine in Vilnius University. At the end of 18th century Janis Heinrihs liquidated his enterprise and purchased manor houses in Vitebsk province, then he moved over to Vilnius province. The house was inherited by associate in his business, elder brother Albehts Muizelis, merchant of I Guild, counsellor to Polish court.

House of Muizelis in 1793

House of Muizelis in 1793.

House of Muizelis suffeed heavily in the events of early 19th century - blocade and war. After 1812 the house per 3000 silver roubles was sold to the Juliana Frederika. She was daughter of assistant to Albrehts Muizelis, wood sorter Janis Mesters - her estate was invested in enterprises of Muizelis. Juliana was married to the secretary of Vidzeme civil governor J. von Meyer. After the death of Meyer in 1841 the property rights on the house went to Riga merchant A.M.Gorohov.

House has not been preserved.


Drawing of J.C.Brotze (2., p.285.) shows how Latvians celebrate Jani (national midsummer festivity).

House of Muizelis was one of the first ornate Latvian houses in Riga. Ornate Barocco house had one floor and steep tiled roof with dormers in two additional floors, log fence and three-piece gate. Fence was painted in merry, bright colors. Dwelling-house had black facade with white details. Guest house is painted green with carefully colored inner side of shutters with decorative painting of vase with festons. Facade of household building is painted with the "Swedish red", light details. Thus the house differed from other Latvian houses in pardaugava district.


House of Muizelis in 1795

In 1795 house of Muizelis got new neighboring houses. J.C.Brotze

House of Muizelis in 1794

House of Muizelis in 1794. J.C.Brotze


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