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Coordinates: 57°01'03,3'' N 21°41'49,4'' E Google Maps
No:5        (full list of landmarks)
Category:Medieval castles, Palaces and manor houses
Address:(Kuldiga district), Kuldiga region, Edole municipality, centre of Edole village, left bank of Vanka stream
Year of construction:First third of 14th century
Architectural style:Facade in Neogothic style (reconstruction from 1840)
Values:Architecture, archaeology
Conservation status:Archaeology monument of state importance No.1210, architecture monument of state importance Nr.6327 (together with the fortification rows and park).


Edole medieval castle

Main facade of Edole medieval castle

Most likely Edole castle was built at the first third of the 14th century by Courland Bishopric. In spite of numerous changes the castle has preserved ancient, weighty aura complemented with numerous legends. Edole castle is the only castle of Courland Bishopric which is still in use today.

Medieval part of the castle is 31,5x34,5 metres large, four blocks of the castle enclose inner yard. During the rebuildings of 18th - 19th centuries there has been created one more - household inner yard.


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