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Here are examined palaces and manor houses built before 17th century. Buildings built before this are considered to be medieval castles.

Largest palaces

The largest palace in Latvia is Jelgava palace in Jelgava city. Dimensions of this Baroque palace from 1772 - 150 x 120 metres (1). Thus, for example towards Lielupe River there are looking 126 windows of palace - 39 basement windows, 40 in the first floor, 40 in second floor and 7 - in attic. Originally second floor of palace had 102 rooms, first floor - similar number.

Jelgava palace is also the largest monument of architecture in Latvia.

Rundales palace

Rundale palace

Second largest palace and also - the largest palace building complex is Rundale palace in Pilsrundale municipality, Bauska district. This Baroque and Roccoco palace from circa 1768 is 100 x 85 metres large. Facade towards the park has got 75 windows - 18 in basement floor, 25 in first and 25 in second floor and 7 - in attic.

Newest palace/manor house

Possibly the newest manor house of landlord in new place in Latvia is Veckarki palace - hunting palace of the brother of Riga mayor of time - E.Armitsted. This impressive building in Karki municipality, Valka district was built in 1912 - 1914. Unfortunately the life of palace was very short - nearly completed palace suffered heavily in First World War and since then gradually turned into ruin..

Wooden palaces/manor houses
Veckarki palace

Veckarki palace

Possibly the oldest wooden manor house in Latvia is Bervircava manor house in Sesava municipality, Jelgava district. Investigations of research company AIG from 2002 testify that the building most likely has been constructed before 1698. Only a part of the old building has been preserved up to this day - in 19th century there was built new wooden building, embracing remnants of the old cosntruction.

But it is possible that even older is the old Balozi manor in Riga, Bergi. This simple wooden building most likely is built in 17th century.

The most outstanding Baroque time wooden palace is Ungurmuiza manor house in Raiskums municipality, Cesis district. This exquisite building from 1732 belongs to most beautiful Baroque tome buildings in Latvia.

Other parameters

Rundale palace holds several records for palaces. It is not just the most popular palace in Latvia but also the most popular tourism destination in Latvia, which exceeds in popularity even Old Riga (opinion poll by State Tourism Agency in 2007).

Rundale palace is also the most ornate palace in Latvia. Since 1972 there is ongoing scrupulous renovation of palace. In total there is planned to renovate 43 luxuriant rooms, major part of work is accomplished.

Other images

Jelgava palace

Jelgava palace. 2004.05.23.

Bervircava manor house

Bervircava manor house. 2007.08.05.

Old Balozi manor house

Old Balozi manor house. 2009.06.05.

Ungurmuiza manor house

Ungurmuiza manor house. 2008.03.21.



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