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Coordinates: 57°21'44,9'' N 25°05'19,34'' E Google Maps
No:14        (full list of landmarks)
Category:Palaces and manor houses
Address:(Cesis district), Pargauja region, Raiskums municipality, north from Lake Ungurs, in Ungurmuiza
Year of construction:1732
Architectural style:Barocco
Conservation status:Architecture monument of state importance No.6260 (whole complex of buildings with park).


Ungurmuiza manor house

Ungurmuiza manor house from southwest

Ungurmuiza manor house belongs to oldest wooden palaces in Latvia - it is constructed in 1732, rather soon after the Great Northern War. In these hard times in Russian Empire it was forbidden to construct stone houses outside St.Petersburg. Rebuilt in 1747. - 1753.

The ornate and harmonious Barocco style building has survived up to this day in surprisingly good condition, there has been preserved also a park with numerous enormous trees, several more Barocco style buildings - all together forming an outstanding example of cultural landscape. Manor house is adorned with distinguished wall paintings from 1750 - 1762 by Limbazi decorator Georg Dietrich Hirsch, there are other valuable monuments of art.



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