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Coordinates: 57°30'37,3'' N 22°21'21,2'' E Google Maps
No:4        (full list of landmarks)
Category:Medieval castles, Palaces and manor houses
Address:(Talsi district), Dundaga region, Dundaga municipality, centre of Dundaga, Pils Street 12
Year of construction:End of 13th century
Architectural style:Details in Neogothic style (reconstruction of 1909) but none of styles is dominant
Condition:Rather good
Values:Architecture, archaeology
Conservation status:Archaeology monument of state importance No.2199, architecture monument of state importance No.6739.


Dundaga castle from southeast

Dundaga medieval castle - view from the southeast

The special charm of Northern Curonia is shaped also by legendary Dundaga castle - medieval castle built by Riga Archbishopric. Later it belonged also to Livonian order, Courland Bishopric, Osten-Saken family and others.

The 48x69 metres large castle consists of four blocks enclosing inner yard.

As times went by the castle experienced significant changes, it has suffered also in warfare. During the last centuries it has suffered in fires. In spite of this Dundaga castle has survived up to this day and it has accumulated peculiar, weighty aura of olden times.


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