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Coordinates: 56°55'08,63'' N 24°06'07,82'' E Google Maps
No:177        (list of all monuments)
Category:Palaces and manor houses
Address:Riga, Ziepniekkalns, Bauskas Street 48
Versions of name:Bellevue, Volkovica muiza, Pavlovica muiza
Year of construction:3rd quarter of 18th century
Architectural style:Barocco
Condition:Rather good
Conservation status:Architecture monument of local importance No 8073


Belvija is the initial name of this manor, in french it means - "nice outlook".

In 1930ies manor house belonged to family of Burags.

Long stretched manor house is built of wood in Barocco style. The vast balks were uninhabitable. Later there was built annex at the end and veranda in "Swiss" style - now both have perished.


Belvija manor

Belvija manor. 2009.02.01.

Belvija manor, dormer

Belvija manor, dormer. 2009.02.01.

Belvija manor in 1920ies

Belvija manor, by A.Grinbergs. 1920ies

Belvija manor, map from 1879

Belvija manor in Riga map. 1879


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