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Coordinates: 56°58'18,96'' N 24°09'39,97'' E Google Maps
(localisation not exact, possible mistake up to 600 metres)
No:147        (list of all monuments)
Category:Palaces and manor houses
Address:Riga, Teika, northern side of Brivibas Street, "three versts from Riga" (J.C.Brotze)
Year of construction:18th c.?
Condition:Does not exist


In accordance with J.C.Brotze (1.) this manor house has been built by the Riga chief commandant Hartwiss - it is considered that here is meant Anhorn de Hartwiss. Brotze mentions that this manor house is neglected and there is little remaining from its gaden. On the other side of the main road there was located school organised by freemasons - Hartwiss was active member of freemason craft. This craft was closed at the second half of 18th century. Freemasons at this time took a lot more visible, active role in the society.

Brotze has depicted a simple one-floor builing with subsidiary building next to the old Vidzeme tract, image has been dated with 1796.


Hartwiss manor in 1796

Hartwiss manor - already neglected, little remains of former garden. In the opposite side of the road - former school of freemasons. J.C.Brotze. 1796


  1. Broce J.K. Zīmējumi un apraksti, 2.sējums, Rīga, Zinātne, 1996, p.95.


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