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Coordinates: 57°01'01,92'' N 24°12'15,41'' E Google Maps
No:142        (list of all monuments)
Category:Palaces and manor houses
Address:Riga, Suzi, in Suzi
Versions of name:Zusi manor, Suschenhof
Year of construction:End of 19th.c.?
Architectural style:Neo-Rennaisance
Conservation status:Not protected


Tthe Neo-Rennaisance style palace is located at Kisezers Lake.

In 1923 this palace was obtained by Adventists who opened here a School of Mission where students from all Baltic states were educated in theology and gained secretary skills. Next to the palace there were subsidiary farms. In summer this palace was adjusted to the needs of health resort - in this bay of Kisezers Lake there is mud with healing powers.

Up to recent times the existence of this palace was known only to few ones - this palace for extended period of time was located in the territories of Soviet occupation troops and later - Latvian army and was not available to the public.

The origin of the name "Suzi" could be explained with the ancient Livonian word "wolf".

Nowadays the castle is poor condition, abandoned and could be considered to be very endangered.


Suzi palace in the beginning of 20th century

Suzi palace in the beginning of 20th century.

Suzi palace in 2007

Suzi palace. 2007.09.24.

Suzi palace in 2007

... 2007.09.24.

Suzi palace in 2007

... 2007.09.24.

Subsidiary building of of Suzi manor

Subsidiary building of of Suzi manor. 2007.09.24.

Suzi in the map from 1701

Suzi, fragment of the map of E.Tolk. Designation shows simple building not manor. 1701.g.

Suzi palace in 2007

Suzi palace. 2007.09.24.

Interior view of Suzi palace

Interior view of Suzi palace. 2007.09.24.


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