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Coordinates: 56°57'53,19'' N 24°06'06,96'' E Google Maps
(localisation not exact, possible mistake up to 250 metres)
No:123        (list of all monuments)
Category:Palaces and manor houses
Address:Riga, Petersala-Andrejsala, in Petersala, near Katrinas dambis 8
Year of construction:18th cs.?
Condition:Does not exist


Manor houe owned in 17th century by Gustav Mengden was located in the area of present-day Viesturdarzs, on Mengden island or next to it. Now this island is part of mainland. Already at the end of 17th century this manor did not appear on maps anymore.

Gustav Mengden was ideological leader of Vidzeme chivalry - he led the delegation of chivalry to Stockholm with an aim to free chivalry of the special court. This court had a competence to judge country nobleman for their crimes accomplished in Riga. Chief judge of this court was appointed by the king and usually it was one of town councillors.

Esteemed guest in the manor of Mengden was J.R.Patkul - well known defender of the interests of Vidzeme chivalry who was fighting against any privileges of city dwellers and also against the reduction of manors performed under governance of Charles XI.


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