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Coordinates:56°59'00,38'' N 24°15'28,15'' E Google Maps
No:90        (list of all monuments)
Category:Palaces and manor houses
Address:Riga, Jugla, at Jugla Lake behind the Strazdumuiza boarding school
Versions of name:Balta muiza, Kregeru muiza, Krögershof
Year of construction:Late 19th century
Architectural style:Neo-rennaisance
Condition:Very poor
Conservation status:Not protected


As a sad testimony to contemporary thriftlessness there serves collapsing Kregermuiza in unusually beautiful location next to Jugla Lake.

History of the manor house is linked to the nearby Strazdumuiza.

Owner of Strazdumuiza Johan Teodor Pychlau granted a land plot to his elder son Rheinhold Ludwig Pychlau (1816 - 1881) in his wedding in 1845. In 1881, after the death of Rheinhold Ludwig these properties were inherited by his wife Johanna Karoline. Her maiden name was Kreger and thus it is possible that the name of the manor is linked to this.

In 1945 this manor (then belonging to Riga city) was transferred to Ministry of Education, in 1951 - to 1st hospital. Up to the end of 1990ies here was located kindergarden No 103 - day nursery. It seems that it has been abandoned since then.

Stone house with two floors, fast deteriorating, nearly whole roof is gone. Remains of winding staircase.



Kregermuiza manor house

Kregermuiza manor house. 2009.02.01.

Kregermuiza manor house

... 2009.02.01.

Kregermuiza manor house

Kregermuiza manor house. 2009.02.01.

Kregermuiza manor house, balcony

Kregermuiza manor house, balcony. 2009.02.01.

Kregermuiza manor house in the map from 1930

Kregermuiza manor house in Riga map. 1930

Kregermuiza manor house, entrance

Kregermuiza manor house, entrance. 2009.02.01.


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