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Coordinates: 56°59'42,00'' N 24°13'32,45'' E Google Maps
(localisation not exact, possible mistake up to 150 metres)
No:89        (list of all monuments)
Category:Palaces and manor houses
Address:Riga, Jugla, near Markalnes Street 12
Versions of name:Katrinmuiza, Katharinenhof
Year of construction:17th c.?
Condition:Not preserved?


This manor house was located on the steep bank of Lake Kisezers and, most likely, in earlier times there was beautiful view over the lake.

Marked in the map from 1700.

Reference No.2. marks that approximately in the site of manor there is a building with nice wooden trims. This building is located on steep ancient bank of Kisezers Lake - thus it may have some relationship to Katrina manor.


Katrina manor in the map from 1930

Katrina manor in Riga map. 1930


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