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Coordinates: 56°57'24,39'' N 24°03'20,96'' E Google Maps
No:72        (list of all monuments)
Category:Palaces and manor houses
Address:Riga, Dzirciems, Eizenijas Street 20 - 22
Versions of name:Gerstenmeijera muiza
Year of construction:19th c.?
Architectural style:Neo-Classicism
Condition:Rather bad, reshaped
Conservation status:Not protected


Small, reshaped wooden manor with colonnade. Building has been reshaped and fence divides the garden betwee two owners, building is hidden behind thick bush.

In the opposite side of the street, in Kirsu Street 4 there is interesting wooden building in Neo-Classicism style - it resembles reshaped household building of former manor centre.


Gerstenmeyer manor

Gerstenmeyer manor. 2009.01.29.

House in Kirsu Street 4

House in Kirsu Street 4. 2009.01.29.


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