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Coordinates: 56°58'47,49'' N 24°09'40,80'' E Google Maps
(localisation not exact, possible mistake up to 100 metres)
No:60        (list of all monuments)
Category:Palaces and manor houses
Address:Riga, Ciekurkalns, to the west from the Gustava Zemgala gatve overpass, north from railway line, in the place of current large storage room
Versions of name:Birkenhof
Year of construction:?
Condition:Does not exist


Berzi manor has not been preserved. It was property of Bulmerincq family at least since 1804 up to the beginning of 20th century. This family has given several important people born and grown up in Berzi manor - for example Michael von Bulmerincq (1805 - 1893), surgeon, homeopath and mayor general, popularizer of inoculation for smallpox in Russian Empire as well as August von Bulmerincq (1822 - 1890) - one of the most renovned experts in the law of nations at his time. Last owner of the manor up to 1939 was A.Bulmerincq.


Berzi manor in the map from 1930

Berzi manor in map. 1930.


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