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Coordinates: 56°57'26,45'' N 24°07'24,67'' E Google Maps
No:18        (full list of landmarks)
Category:Urban apartment houses
Address:Riga, Centrs, Brivibas Street 68
Year of construction:1903
Architect:Alexander Schmäling
Architectural style:Art Nouveau
Conservation status:Architecture monument of state importance No. 6511 (together with buildings in Brivibas Street 76 and 72)


House on Brivibas Street 68

View from the opposite side of Brivibas Street

The beautiful building is built for contractor J.Virsis and together with neighboring buildings form one of most beautiful ensembles of Art Nouveau architecture in Riga.

The building is located on the corner of Brivibas and Gertrudes Streets and just like most corner buildings in this district it has got magnificent turret. House has got five floors and sixth floor in French roof. The rich furnishing has got borrowings from Barocco, Rennnaisance and Gothic styles as it was characteristic for early Art Nouveau. The beautiful pediments have been inspired by Northern European rennaisance forms but turret is shaped in Barocco style. Facade of the building is both very ornate and elegant.

Valuable features of interior are metalwork banisters and doors of lift, manufactured in metalworks of A.Biebler, Riga.

In the ground floor on the corner traditionally here was and is located pharmacy - only in Soviet times here was established a shop of sweets. The attractive interiors of pharmacy have been renovated and transformed in 2000 (architect - V.Ugrimov).

In different times in the building have lived sculptor Teodors Zalkalns with his spouse - sculptor Marija Zalkalns, painter Voldemars Tone, nature scientist Nikolajs Malta, actor and writer Peteris Petersons.

Other images

Brivibas Street 68, pediment

Brivibas Street 68, pediment in Neo-Rennaisance style. 2009.08.20.

Brivibas Street 68, balcony

Brivibas Street 68, balcony. 2009.08.20.

Brivibas Street 68, detail

Brivibas Street 68, detail. 2009.08.20.

Brivibas Street 68, detail on the corner

Brivibas Street 68, detail on the corner. 2009.08.20.

Brivibas Street 68, corner tower

Brivibas Street 68, corner tower. 2009.08.20.


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