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Coordinates: Not localised
No:43        (list of all monuments)
Category:Palaces and manor houses
Address:Riga, Bolderaja, in the southern part of neighborhood, near Hapaka ditch, opposite to Krievusala island
Versions of name:Gubernemente manor, Gouvernementshof
Condition:Does not exist


This manor has not been preserved, it existed up to the beginning of 20th century. Belonged to governor H.Fersen. In 1690 this manor was reduced - it became a monr of crown and retained this status up to the beginning of 20th century. Already at the end of 19th century here was established a sawmill of Berzini brothers - nowadays here is located SIA "Bolderāja" factories. Manor has given its name to nearby Gubernciems - part of city.



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