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Coordinates: 56°56'28,28'' N 24°05'50,33'' E Google Maps
(localisation not exact, possible mistake up to 400 metres)
No:26        (list of all monuments)
Category:Urban apartment houses
Address:Riga, Agenskalns, in Kliversala, at Daugava
Versions of name:Nindelsche Haus
Year of construction:18th century
Architectural style:Barocco
Condition:Does not exist


One of the most beautiful buildings in Kliversala at the end of 18th century was the residence of K.G.Nindel. The value of the house in 1825 was estimated to be 4 150 silver roubles. Descendants of Nindel owned properties in this site up to the middle of 19th century.

The house has perished.

J.C.Brotze has depicted the house in 1792 and 1795. Barocco style building had two floors, expressive balcony and veranda, magnificent double stairs. Roof was covered with tiles, it had mansard floor. In the front of building the bank of Daugava has been fastened and adjusted as a wharf.


House of Nindel

House of Nindel. J.C.Brotze.

House of Nindel

House of Nindel is endangered by ice jam. J.C.Brotze.


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