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Inceni hillfort

Inceni hillfort in Dobele district, Vitini municipality.

Category includes ancient human settlements which have been more or less permanently inhabited for some period of time. Major part of ancient settlements are abandoned now and only occupation layer below the ground level testifies their existence. Just a small part of settlements is inhabited up to this day with new buildings built over the old occupation layer - such settlement is f.e. Old Riga which has been inhabited without interruption since the establishment of ancient Livic settlements some 1000 years ago.

Border conditions

The oldest known settlement is Salaspils Laukskola settlement which was created some 11 000 years ago - comparatively shortly after the retreat of glacier. Medieval settlements which have been established until 16th century could be considered to be archaeological monuments as well.

Ancient settlements have got at least two problematic border conditions:

Kinds of settlements

There are several kinds of ancient settlements in Latvia:


List of described ancient settlements

Below are listed all the ancient settlements described in this website. Each column in this table is sortable by alphabet - just click on the header of the table. The first column - "No." - gives an order of appearance of the landmark in this website.

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