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Coordinates: 57°23'46,3'' N 21°33'31,3'' E Google Maps
No:8        (full list of landmarks)
Category:Medieval castles, Palaces and manor houses
Address:Centre of Ventspils, Jana Street 17, approx. 1 km from the mouth of Venta, in quarter between Jana, Ostas, Pils and Peldu streets
Year of construction:Shortly before 1290 (?)
Architectural style:Gothic portal in western block, Empire style facade from first half of 19th century
Condition:Very good, rebuilt and modified
Values:Architecture, archaeology
Conservation status:Archaeology monument of state importance No.2517, architecture monument of state importance No. 6927.


Ventspils castle from the north

Ventspils medieval castle - view from north, from Venta

One of the few Latvian medieval castles guarding the access to trade routes from the sea is Ventspils castle. It has been constructed by Livonian order most likely in the end of 13th century.

Castle consists of massive tower and four blocks enclosing inner yard. At the same time the tower of the castle can be considered to be the oldest lighthouse in Courland. Over the last decades the castle underwent impressive rebirth and simultaneously - significant changes including modern elements (f.e. glass roofing over the inner yard) and has been shaped as one of the most attractive museums in Latvia.


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