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View on Daugava near Tambovici

Road along Daugava west from Jaunjelgava

This landmark category includes scenic roads (trails as well) which have views on fascinating landscape in at least 1 km long distance. This is poorly defined category of landmarks without explicit border conditions. Most likely though here shall not be included those fragments of roads where the scenic value is determined by a single landmark of another category f.e. causeway along the road or beautiful castle seen along a longer stretch of road. Linear landscape monument is characterised by wide, diverse, scenic views in different directions. Currently linear landscape monuments in Latvia are not defined other than some rather vague exceptions - thus we can not speak about protection and management of such landmarks.

In several countries of the world there can be observed attempts to identify such sections of roads and to establish a certain regime of protection. Thus, f.e. already in 1913 in USA there was started a construction of specific road for enjoyment of scenery - Bronx River Parkway. Such roads gained much popularity in USA and in 1966 there was elaborated a detailed program for construction and maintenance of such roads and management of landscape around them.

Although such group of landmarks has not been strictly defined and its border conditions are somewhat unclear, such monuments of landscape should have a special value because they have an explicit capability to create a positive sense of identity for wider region.

Outstanding linear landscape monuments in Latvia

Linear landscape monuments are not well studied in Latvia and thus it is hard to make their comparison. But as outstanding scenic roads there could be identified those listed below (by historical districts from east to west):

Road between Elksni and Sauka

Road between Elksni and Sauka

Semigallia and Selonia
Balasta dambis in Riga

Balasta dambis in Riga



List of described linear landscape monuments

Below are listed all the linear landscape monuments described in this website. Each column in this table is sortable by alphabet - just click on the header of the table. The first column - "No." - gives an order of appearance of the landmark in this website.

No. Name Category District Municipality, part of city Images?


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