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Most of the rafters on Gauja, on their way between Liepa cliffs and Ergeles cliffs do not realise that their boats are passing by a chain of uncommon natural curiosities hidden in thickets. One of such miracles is also hard-to-access Lici cliffs. Here in comparatively small area are concentrated several caves, nice niches, ravine, powerful springs, seasonal waterfall and other marvels which are not mentioned here.

If you have a firm decision to go there - please - spare the fragile natural phenomena there! These unique landmarks need to be preserved with great care!


View from Grivini cliff

View from Grivini cliff to forests of Gauja valley. We need to go down, in bush.

Spring of Bottomless cave

The deep of the spring in Bottomless cave - told to be very deep.

Microoganisms in the spring of Bottomless cave

Colonies of microorganisms in the spring of Bottomless cave.

Lici cliffs

Lici cliffs. Unfortunately vandals reach remote places as well.

Lici cliffs, springs

A string of small springs on the border of two layers. Water contains a lot of iron.

Lici cliffs, waterfall

A site of seasonal waterfall, several metres high.

The Big Langi cave

The Big Langi cave.

Langi cliffs

Langi cliffs.

The Big Langi Niche

Inside the Big Langi Niche

Gorge with cave in Lici cliffs

Gorge with cave in Lici cliffs.

Lici cliffs

Lici cliffs.

Kracavots spring

The powerful Kracavots spring flows out of ruined cave.

Fotografēts 2008. gada 24. augustā.

ⓒ 2009 Gatis Pavils

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